Self Storage Solutions in Stroud

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Do you need a free run at your storage items?  Access to your stored items is not restricted to office hours here at Sterling Storage Solutions . You don’t need to book a day off to access your storage items !

We have provided a fully automated free access arrangement to our storage facility.  Our site is perimeter secure and the only way-in is through the automated electric gates at the front of the site.

You will receive an ‘Access Fob’ at your sign-up stage which allows you to swipe over the access fob reader adjacent to the facility entry point.  Once activated the gate will automatically open allowing you entry into the site.  Once you are in the gates will time down and automatically close behind you.  Once you have finished your visit a repeat swipe with the fob will allow the gate to open for you to exit.

At the end of your hire period and once you have vacated your self storage unit, the fob will be de-activated and you can return it to the office during your check-out.

No other local storage facility offers this level of secure free access to your stored items.